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NEW AD: 🛑 Stop the Biden-Masto Corruption 🛑

🛑 Stop the Biden-Masto Corruption 🛑

Catherine Cortez Masto is one of Joe Biden’s most reliable supporters in the Senate, having voted with the President nearly 100 percent of the time. This isn’t surprising. Both Cortez Masto and her husband Paul have been friends with Joe and Hunter Biden for years, and they both received money through their relationship. That is the focus of our new ad: Stop the Biden-Masto Corruption. In 2010, Catherine Cortez Masto’s husband, Paul, solicited Hunter Biden — who he called his “buddy” — for business contracts. Then in 2016, Hunter helped bankroll Cortez Masto’s campaign for Senate. And, most recently, Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign funded Paul Masto’s private security business. Given the close — and rather questionable — relationship between the Mastos and the Bidens, it’s no wonder Cortez Masto sought to undermine the ongoing federal investigation into the shady business dealings of her husband’s “buddy,” Hunter Biden. Click here to view the ad.


Narrator: Why is Senator Cortez Masto undermining the federal investigation into Biden family corruption? Simple, she and her husband both got money from the Bidens. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto: This is an incredible family. Narrator: She took Hunter's foreign money. He solicited Hunter for contracts. President Joe Biden: And that's how I got to know her husband, who's been a great supporter of mine. Narrator: Covering for Hunter and the big guy. It's time to stop corruption. Time to stop Cortez Masto.


When Cortez Masto was asked about her connections with Hunter Biden from one of her constituents, she REFUSED to answer.

With inflation at record highs and gas prices soaring past $6 a gallon, voters have zero appetite for political corruption. This November, they will have an opportunity to put an end to it.


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