He is a first-time, grassroots candidate for office

motivated by the tumultuous events of 2020. 

THE TRUTH: Texas Sam Brown is a political opportunist who has run nearly this exact same script before! 


  • Texas Sam spreads these Texas Tall Tales about Adam Laxalt because he knows the truth didn’t work in Texas—and it won’t work in Nevada. 

  • When Nevadans find out what Texas Sam was saying to the voters in Dallas the last time he ran for office, they’re going to notice an awfully strong pattern. Judge for yourself if Texas Sam is sincere in what he tells Tex—ah, we mean, Nevada voters:   


Brown told Glenn Beck in a 2014 interview in Texas: 


“You should vote for me because I have a vested interest in this community. You know there’s other politicians who are literally just professional politicians. That are looking for the next thing. I’m not looking for a lily pad to take a step to the next office. I love my community. I love this state. I’ve got kids that are going to be going to schools here.”… 


Brown said while running for office in Texas: 


We said we want to stay in Texas. Texas has been good to us. Texas is really God’s country and let’s plant our roots in Dallas and really invest in the community there. I’ve got a vested interest in this community and I’m not going anywhere. I haven’t moved into this district. I’m not planning on moving out of the district. I’m here. 


Compare to what Texas Sam told Nevada voters on two separate news programs: 


Kevin Wall:



“My home is still Reno, it’ll be Reno. This is where, you know, when my wife and I had a chance to move and plant roots for a family, we chose Nevada. We chose Reno because this is where we want to be,” Brown recently told radio host Kevin Wall.


Nevada Newsmakers:


This is a purple state, very evenly divided between Republicans, Democrats and independents. And so, if you look at other races, Mark Amodei is our congressman and Heidi Gansert is our state senator. For me to be running for those offices would be part of a process of me being involved in politics for the sake of politics, as opposed to me trying to make a difference. The U.S. Senate is a place where I think there is a need for a change, on behalf of this state and behalf of the country. I don’t desire to be a career politician. I don’t want to climb the ladder to get somewhere else. 


Texas’ Sam is just another run-of-the-mill politician masquerading as a conservative. Nevadans can’t afford to take a gamble on a first-time, out-of-state candidate with no record to back up his claims of being a principled conservative.