Adam Laxalt is responsible for election fraud in Nevada.

THE TRUTH: Adam Laxalt has been the leading critic of Nevada’s changing election system and one of the leading voices in the nation for election integrity & reform.


  • In the aftermath of the 2020 elections, Adam joined leading conservative figures to draw attention to the lack of ballot security in Nevada, in addition to the many changes rushed through by Democrats immediately prior to the General Election.  


  • According to statute NRS 293.505, the Secretary of State is the constitutional officer charged with investigating and referring criminal prosecutions for voter fraud. 


  • In Nevada, the Attorney General cannot independently investigate elections. The Secretary of State if the lawful investigative authority on all matters related to elections.

  • While Adam Laxalt was standing up for the integrity of our electoral system—when the mainstream media accused him of being a traitor for telling the truth about the 2020 elections—Sam Brown was silent. 


  • Even as a candidate, Sam Brown has refused to fight for election integrity. From an interview with the Review-Journal in 2021: “Asked twice whether he thought there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, Brown did not provide a clear answer. ’That’s not something I want to focus on,’ he said. ‘That’s once again, going back to events that are behind us, and what I want to do is look forward.’”  


Adam Laxalt has done more to help restore the integrity of Nevada’s elections than any other Republican in the state. Sam Brown won’t even stand up to Review-Journal reporters to tell the truth about the 2020 elections.