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Adam Laxalt failed Nevadans as Attorney General.


THE TRUTH: Adam Laxalt was the most consequential Attorney General Nevada has had in a generation. 


  • Adam immediately sued the Obama Administration, successfully combatting their unconstitutional immigration policies in the courts.

  • He organized the state’s Statewide Law Enforcement Summit, bringing police and sheriffs from all other Nevada together, regularly, for the first time in our state’s history. These summits resulted in several arrests and convictions.

  • Laxalt started the first-ever Federalism Unit in Nevada, dedicating manpower specifically to fighting back against the overreach of the Obama Administration and returning power to the states.

  • Adam created the Nevada Elder Fraud Unit, which led to the largest prosecution against abuse of guardianship of Nevada’s seniors in our state’s history.

  • Laxalt campaigned on ensuring that the thousands of backlogged sexual assault kits the state had on file would be resolved. He made good on that promise, resulting in several arrests and convictions, taking the worst kind of criminals off of our street.

  • Laxalt spoke out boldly for safe communities and law enforcement. That is why he has been endorsed by the Nevada Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police and the Public Safety Alliance of Nevada, a group representing more than 100 law enforcement agencies and organizations and more than 10,000 law enforcement employees.

  • Adam arranged for drug incinerators to be delivered to communities and worked with the state legislature and county commissions to increase the types of controlled substances that could be locally incinerated, keeping dangerous drugs off of our streets.


  • Adam organized the state’s first-ever initiative to address the opioid crisis in Nevada.


  • Laxalt organized the Office of Veterans Assistance, a first-in-the-nation partnership with the Department of Defense to ensure active-duty servicemembers have access to adequate legal services at absolutely no cost to them—or Nevada’s taxpayers.


Adam was delivering life-changing results for Nevadans while Sam Brown was fresh off his third-place finish in a Texas state legislative seat primary. Adam Laxalt was keeping promises he made to victims of sexual assault in our state before Nevada was on Sam Brown’s political radar.