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We're in a fight to take back the Senate and help put our country back on the right track. We're asking for support from individuals and faith communities across Nevada. Would you be willing to offer your support and become a Prayer Partner?

Invite Adam to Your Community

Invite Adam to come meet with you and your local worship community. Put your invitation in the Message portion of your Sign Up.

Help Spread the Word

Join our Prayer Partners and help pull together prayer-warriors through texting, calling or social media. Reach out here for more ways to help:

Get Updates on Upcoming Prayer Partner Events

Receive regular prayer requests & information on faith events from the Laxalt for Senate campaign—to pray for the families, freedom & faith of our nation.

We ask all those willing for prayer: 

First, please pray for the strength of the Laxalt family

and families across our state and our country.


Pray for the freedoms people of our nation have

historically enjoyed so that those freedoms can

continue for our people long into the future.


Finally, pray for our country's faith so that a good

and Godly spirit may prevail among our people,

and may God fill us all with His spirit.


Adam Laxalt understands the power of prayer

and invites you to join his campaign and to pray

for the future success of our country.

Wherever two or more are gathered together in my name,

there am I in their midst (Matthew 18:20).

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