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The Laxalt Line: 8/19/2022

Weekly Campaign Updates & News Alerts August 19, 2022

A Word From Adam:

Thank you so much for your support of my campaign thus far! We are 81 days out from the election, and knowing that I have a team of patriots like you standing by my side gives me the energy to keep fighting! We’re in the home stretch now, let’s finish strong, flip Nevada red, and take back the Senate!

Coalition Updates: Laxalt Campaign Launches Ladies for Laxalt Coalition With Kick-Off Event in Reno

The event included a panel discussion headed by Jaime Laxalt, Adam Laxalt’s wife, Cindy Carano, community leader and retired hotel executive, and Patty Cafferata, former Nevada State Treasurer and Assemblywoman. Other special guests included former Nevada First Lady, Dema Guinn, and Senator Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz.

What’s Happening in Nevada:

Last weekend Team Laxalt was joined by some of the top leaders in our country, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Gov. Kirsti Noem! Thousands of conservatives came out to support our mission to flip Nevada red and take back the Senate! We’re very excited to see our team grow and excited to have the Senator and Governor on our team!

New Endorsements:

Governor Kristi Noem attended the 7th Annual Basque Fry in Nevada, and she is all in for our race to become the 51st seat in the U.S. Senate.

“We are here to get Adam Laxalt elected to the U.S. Senate. We can take back the majority in the Senate and stop the Joe Biden agenda and Chuck Schumer’s leadership.” –Captain Sam Brown

Adam’s Tweet of the Week:

What Senator Cortez Masto is up to:

This week, The Washington Post published a scathing fact check rebuking Cortez Masto's blatantly false campaign ads twisting Adam's record as Nevada's Attorney General.

Reality check: As the state's top law enforcement officer, Adam Laxalt led the fight to hold opioid manufacturers accountable and protect our communities from the scourge of addiction.

The ads then insinuate — using the weaselly word “maybe” — that Laxalt was beholden to pharmaceutical companies because of campaign contributions. There’s no evidence that is the case, especially since he sued one of those companies. The first ad was worthy of Four Pinocchios, but the second ad just managed to earn Three.

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