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Second Amendment rights are not merely a privilege

For years, the radical Left has worked to undermine our Second Amendment liberties. Leftists see the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones as a privilege instead of the right that it is.

Fortunately, patriots are readying for the most consequential Second Amendment ruling in over a decade next summer, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. And as the 2022 midterm election approaches, Nevada voters are readying to retire Democrat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, the “worst Senate candidate to protect your Second Amendment rights ,” next November.

Nearly 15 years after the Supreme Court struck down unlawful infringements on those rights in District of Columbia v. Heller, justices delved back into a “detailed and sophisticated exploration of the meaning and scope of the Second Amendment ” last month amid the state of New York’s scheme to limit its concealed carry licensing. Fortunately, as even the liberal New York Times concludes , a “majority of the justices [seem] prepared to say that [the law in question] imposes an intolerable burden on the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.” But as the Supreme Court hears this new Second Amendment case, Masto makes it clear she won’t listen to the Constitution. Even before she assumed federal office in 2017, the National Rifle Association cautioned Masto’s campaign platform resembled a far-left wish list due to her support for President Barack Obama’s anti-gun executive actions, support for the “Obama/Clinton/Bloomberg universal background check system that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms,” support for “denying persons on secret government lists their Second Amendment right to purchase or own a firearm without due process,” her refusal to oppose a semi-auto ban and the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, and refusal to “affirm her belief that the Second Amendment guarantees the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms for all law-abiding Americans, as decided in the Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald decisions.” Since moving to Washington, D.C., Masto has rightfully received an "F" rating on the Second Amendment for building on her anti-gun legacy as Nevada’s attorney general. For context, during her tenure, Masto advocated for mandated background checks for private-party gun sales, heaped praise on a bill to require background checks on “nearly all Nevada gun purchases” as a “critical law enforcement tool,” and criticized the push to permit campus carry as a “solution in search of a problem.” The very same degree of disrespect for the Second Amendment has defined Masto’s time in Washington, where she has co-sponsored legislation to bring red flag laws to the federal level. Masto’s radical record also extends to her perception of law enforcement. Just last month , “Masto praised a liberal nonprofit that has called to defund police and teach critical race theory in public schools … lauding the liberal group as ‘incredible advocates for our state.’” As Nevadans know, such glowing words belong to the brave men and women in uniform, including police officers, who risk their lives — not extremists who seek to undermine their work. I couldn’t be prouder to present voters with a stark contrast next fall as the Gun Owners of America’s endorsed candidate in Nevada’s Senate race. My approach in the Senate would reflect my tenure in Carson City. As Nevada’s attorney general, I joined many of my counterparts in supporting national concealed-carry reciprocity legislation and suing San Francisco for its unconstitutional handgun laws; staunchly opposed Nevada’s Question 1, which targeted gun owners with unenforceable restrictions; and sued in Peruta vs. San Diego, a national effort to protect Second Amendment rights for handgun owners. Though my service as attorney general concluded in 2019, I have continued my advocacy for the Second Amendment with the determination this pressing issue deserves. In 2019, Nevada Democrats tried to reduce our gun rights drastically with AB 291, which included a so-called “red flag” law. Nevada state Sen. Ira Hansen noted on the chamber floor that I was “100% against this law on the basis of the violation of an individual’s due process rights.” I also stated that I stand “unequivocally for upholding our constitutional rights, and this includes the right to bear arms,” and I am “committed to defending this crucial pillar of our liberties … against any and all politicians who seek to violate them.” And as a co-chairman of former President Donald Trump’s campaign, I traveled across the state to warn Nevadans that our gun rights faced an existential threat in the 2020 election. The road to a Senate majority is rock-ribbed in its defense of constitutional rights runs through Nevada. I look forward to championing protections paramount to the safety of Silver State families as a part of that new majority. But the battle is broader and more fundamental than the latest gun control effort Masto will reliably rubber stamp. It’s a fight for the fabric of our republic, for the premise that our people ought to be trusted more than our politicians. I share the view of our founders. And I’ll fight for it in the Senate. Read the original Op Ed Here.


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