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Over 150 Person Leadership Team Join Laxalt Campaign Representing All of Nevada's 17 Counties

"Laxalt Leaders" Include Nevada Business Owners, Community Leaders, Elected Officials, and More

RENO, NV – Today, U.S. Senate Republican Candidate Adam Laxalt unveiled his statewide leadership team of over 150 "Laxalt Leaders" representing all of Nevada's seventeen counties.

The growing list includes local business owners, city council members, county commissioners, sheriffs, district attorneys and other community leaders supporting Laxalt’s campaign.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support we have received from across the Silver State. The enthusiasm I have seen, in our cities and across rural Nevada, has been an inspiration. This campaign runs on the grassroots support of the Nevadans who want to see our state and our country move in the right direction once again. Senator Cortez Masto can spend all she wants, but no amount of cash from her elite Washington donors can overcome the genuine enthusiasm of our support in Nevada,”Laxalt said.


  • Mark Amodei, U.S. Congressman, NV-02

  • Chris Marquart, PO1, USN

  • Pam and Steve Robinson, Community Leaders

  • P.K. O’Neill, Nevada State Assemblyman

  • Court Cardinal, Business Leader


  • Art Mallory, District Attorney

  • Richard Hickox, Churchill County Sheriff

  • Greg Koenig, County Commissioner


  • Bruce Woodbury, Former County Commissioner

  • Joe DeSimone, Community Leader

  • Bob List, Former Nevada Governor

  • Lorraine Hunt, Former Nevada Lieutenant Governor

  • Stavros Anthony, Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem

  • Victoria Seaman, Las Vegas City Councilwoman

  • Mike Saltman, Business Leader

  • Sonja Saltman, Honorary Consul for Austria in Las Vegas and Nevada

  • Tiffany Tiberti, Business Leader

  • Dan Tuntland, Business Leader

  • Marianne and John Gibson, Business and Community Leaders

  • Jesus Marquez, Community Leader

  • Denise Cashman, Business Leader

  • Sue Lowden, Former Nevada State Senator

  • Anthony Toti, Business Leader

  • Melissa Hardy, Nevada State Assemblywoman

  • Joe Lombardo, Sheriff - Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

  • Rudy Pamintuan, Business Leader

  • Pauline Ng Lee, Business Leader

  • Minnie Blanco, Business Leader

  • Denise Ashurst, TSGT, USMC (Ret.)

  • Buck Bedard, LtGen, USMC (Ret.)

  • Joe Brown, Business Leader, Cpl, USMC

  • Fred Doten, MAJ, USA (Ret.)

  • Chere’ Pedersen, NV Pres, American War Mothers

  • Sam Peters, MAJ, USAF

  • Mark Robertson, Business Leader, COL, USA (Ret.)

  • Myron Hamm, Director of Corrections, LVPPA

  • Steve Grammas, President, LVPPA

  • John Abel, Director of Government Affairs, LVPPA

  • Edie Nunes, Business Leader

  • Brenda Reese, Business Leader

  • Lisa Song Sutton, Business Leader

  • Jenny Lynne Edington, Small Business Owner-Pucks Cookies and Treats

  • Maria T. Caminero, Chairwoman for the Cuban Heritage Foundation

  • Krissian Marquez, Former RNHA Chairwomen and Small Business Owner

  • David Mendez, Business Owner

  • Diana Reyes, Chaplain with METRO

  • Elisa Slider, Former Latinos for Trump Advisory Board and National RNHA VP

  • Laura Nowlen, Co-Founder of NV Hispanic Business Group

  • Bryan Baltazar, Former RNHA NV Chair

  • Blanca Fox, Business Leader

  • Camilo Perez, Pastor and Chair for the LV Pastors Association

  • Frankie Rodriguez, Nevada State Director, LEXIT

  • Reynaldo Robledo, Business Owner

  • Charlie De La Paz, Parental Rights Advocate

  • Rami Hernandez, Attorney and Charter School Governing Board Chair

  • Jaime Serrano, Community Leader

  • Irma Aguirre, Business Leader

  • Cristiane Mersch, Community Leader

  • Hilda Espadas, Pastor MIES

  • Tamra Coulter, Business Leader

  • Ketan Bhirud, Former General Counsel, Office of the Nevada State Attorney General

  • Donna Ruthe, Community Leader

  • Aditi Sanatinia, MD, MPH, Business Leader

  • Sandy Mallin, President, Women’s Division of the Jewish Federation

  • Kate Szafran, Womens Medical Resource Center

  • Yoani Torres, Director of Cultural Affairs, Cuban Heritage Foundation

  • Lydia Ruiz, Community Leader

  • Erica Neely, Parental Rights Advocate

  • Lorena Biassotti, Parental Rights Advocate

  • Kristen Riffle, Business Leader


  • Michael Fischer, Former County Commissioner

  • Jim Wheeler, Nevada State Assemblyman

  • Mark Gardner, County Commissioner

  • Dan Coverley, Douglas County Sheriff

  • Wesley Rice, County Commissioner

  • Rick Nelson, MajGen, USMC (Ret.)

  • Dick Schwabe, CPT, USMC


  • Demar Dahl, Former County Commissioner

  • Pam Griswold, Carlin City Councilwoman

  • Clair Morris, Elko City Councilman

  • Chip Stone, Elko City Councilman

  • Mandy Simon, Elko City Councilwoman

  • Giovanni Pucinelli, Elko City Councilman

  • Wilde Brough, Elko County Commissioner

  • Cliff Eklund, Elko County Commissioner

  • Rex Steninger, Elko County Commissioner

  • Delmo Andreozzi, Elko County Commissioner

  • Janet Iribarne, Elko County Assessor

  • Mike Smales, Elko County Recorder

  • Aitor Narvaiza, Elko County Sheriff

  • Ben Reed, Former Elko Police Chief

  • Mike Franzoia, Former Elko Mayor

  • Chris Johnson, Former Elko Mayor

  • Lee Hoffman, Former Elko City Councilman

  • Glen Guttry, Former Elko County Commissioner


  • Ken Elgan, Esmerelda County Sheriff

  • Delon "De" Winsor, Esmeralda County Commissioner

  • Dan Peterson, Community Leader


  • Jesse Watts, Eureka County Sheriff

  • Fred Etchegary, Former Eureka County Commissioner


  • Phil Jacka, SGT, USA

  • Jim Billingsley, Winnemucca Councilman

  • Jim French, Humboldt County Commissioner

  • Ken Tipton, Humboldt County Commissioner

  • Kris Stewart, Rancher


  • Art Clark III, Lander County Commissioner

  • Ron Unger, Lander County Sheriff

  • Ted Herrera, Lander County District Attorney


  • Bevan Lister, Lincoln County Commissioner

  • Varlin Higbee, Lincoln County Commissioner


  • Ken Gray, Lyon County Commissioner

  • Vida Keller, Lyon County Commissioner

  • Dr. Robin Titus, MD, Nevada State Assemblywoman


  • Cindy Nixon, Mineral County Recorder

  • Randy Adams, Mineral County Sheriff


  • Joni Eastley, Former County Commissioner

  • Sharon Wehrly, Nye County Sheriff

  • Chris Araba, Nye County District Attorney


  • Larry Rackley, Pershing County Commissioner

  • Alan List, Community Leader

  • Jerry Allen, Pershing County Sheriff

  • Bryce Shields, Pershing County District Attorney


  • Clay Mitchell, Storey County Commissioner

  • Jim Hindle, Storey County Clerk/Treasurer

  • Marshall McBride, Former Storey County Commissioner

  • Tom Quigley, Business Leader


  • Bob Barengo, Former Democratic Nevada Assembly Speaker

  • Jacquelyne Love, Community Leader

  • Rick Reviglio, Business Leader

  • Dick Gammick, Former Washoe County District Attorney

  • Bret Meich, Community Leader

  • Jack Stanko, Business Leader

  • Jack St. Martin, Community Leader

  • Dema Guinn, Former First Lady of Nevada

  • Paul Lipparelli, Former Washoe County Deputy District Attorney

  • Maurice Washington, Former Nevada State Senator

  • John Phillips, Business Leader

  • Melissa Clement, Community Leader

  • Patricia Cafferata, Former Nevada State Treasurer

  • Cindy Carano, Business Leader

  • Carol Del Carlo, Nevada Board of Regents

  • Bonnie Weber, Reno City Councilwoman

  • Charlene Bybee, Sparks City Councilwoman

  • Sam Brown, CPT, USA (Ret.)

  • Nic Danna, Former Director, AG’s Office of Military Legal Assistance

  • George Del Carlo, LTC, USA (Ret.)

  • Tony Grady, Col, USAF (Ret.)

  • Cindy Martinez, LCpl, USMC

  • Susan Malone, Col, USMC (Ret.)

  • George Malone, LtCol, USMC (Ret.)

  • Bill Process, HM3, USN

  • Warren “Bum” Rapp, LtCol, USMC/NANG (Ret.)

  • Dave Sousa SFC, USA

  • Craig Wroblewski, Col, USA (Ret.)

  • Jon Yuspa, Veterans Advocate

  • Jill Dickman, Nevada State Assemblywoman

  • Alexis Hansen, Nevada State Assemblywoman

  • Ira Hansen, Nevada State Senator

  • Russell Fields, Former President of the Nevada Mining Association

  • Toni Harsh, Former Reno City Councilwoman


  • Donna Bath, Community Leader

  • Ian Bullis, County Commissioner

  • Travis Godon, County Commission Chair



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