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No Show Masto Caught Lying About Closed Office

RENO, NV - Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has been caught in a lie about her closed office in Washington D.C. as controversy grows around the incumbent Democrat. After photos and video were released by the Washington Free Beacon showing Cortez Masto's D.C. office shuttered with a "cleaning not required" sign, her staff told the Nevada Independent's Humberto Sanchez over the weekend that the office is open and the images of it closed were taken "after business hours." This was quickly proven false by the Free Beacon journalist who took the photos and video however, when he produced timestamps showing they were taken at 1:56 PM on Monday March 7:

As for Cortez Masto's shuttered district offices in Las Vegas and Reno, Cortez Masto's team claimed that they were never closed but signs they had claiming they were teleworking or appointment only were "mistakenly left up," a claim which simply beggars belief. "Either Catherine Cortez Masto lied about her closed office, or she doesn't think Monday afternoons are 'business hours,'" said Laxalt. "Cortez Masto doesn't show up to work and then has her staff lie for her to save face. Dishonesty, laziness, and incompetence is what she brings to the table for the people who elected her. Nevadans deserve better."



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