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Laxalt Takes Lead in Nevada’s Senate Race

The Hill, NBC, Roll Call, the Wall Street Journal, and Trafalgar Show Laxalt is Taking Lead Over Incumbent Cortez Masto

A New Emerson College Poll, published in an article at The Hill, shows Adam Laxalt one point above incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto.

"The races for Nevada’s Senate seat and governor’s mansion are neck-and-neck roughly two months out from Election Day, according to an 8 News Now/Emerson College Polling/The Hill survey released on Tuesday."

- The Hill

In July, Emerson College Polling found that incumbent Cortez Masto had a 3 point lead over Laxalt. This indicates that Laxalt's campaign has continued to build momentum throughout the summer. Since January 1st, Cortez Masto has spent $35,469,631 on TV, broadcast, satellite, digital, and radio advertising in an attempt to rehabilitate her image with Nevada voters and discredit Laxalt's campaign. However, even as an incumbent, Cortez Masto has yet to poll above 50%. With the help of her friends among the DNC elite and Soros-funded dark money groups, Cortez Masto's campaign has been propped up with a budget of around $78 million, and yet, according to polls, her popularity continues to decline.

"This poll captures what we are seeing on the ground here in Nevada. Between surging inflation, the effects of an open border, and record-high gas prices, Nevadans are fed up with the failed Biden/Cortez Masto agenda and are ready to make a change. Cortez Masto and her friends in DC can spend all the money they want attacking me and trying to rehabilitate her image, but none of it will stop the momentum of our grassroots campaign," said Laxalt. This new Emerson College Poll follows a Trafalgar poll from August, which found Laxalt to be nearly 3 points ahead of Cortez Masto.

FiveThirtyEight rates both Emerson College and Trafalgar as "A-" pollsters.

National and local news organizations have commented on the tightening of the Nevada Senate race:

"Cortez Masto may be the most endangered Democratic incumbent in this cycle, even though her party hasn’t lost a Senate race here in a decade. While Democrats still project confidence, polls show a dead heat despite massive spending by Cortez Masto and an early assault of negative ads designed to tarnish rival Adam Laxalt."

"BATTLE FOR THE SENATE — Republicans are feeling bullish about their prospects for unseating Sen. CATHERINE CORTEZ MASTO in Nevada, where massive Democratic spending hasn’t been able to pull her out of a dead heat with Republican ADAM LAXALT... With the economy front and center for Nevadans, Laxalt is hammering Cortez Masto on inflation and the cost of living."

"Both parties are watching this year’s midterms for a continued shift, an especially important question in Nevada. Nonpartisan analysts say that nearly every major race in the state is a tossup or highly competitive, including the elections for U.S. Senate, for governor and for three of the state’s four House seats."

"Even as abortion has become a major messaging point for Cortez Masto’s campaign with the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, the shift has done little, so far, to boost her standing in the polls, which have been showing sizable percentages of undecided voters. The state’s voters are familiar with her opponent, Republican Adam Laxalt, who served as Nevada attorney general. Having won statewide office previously, Laxalt appears a more polished candidate than some of his counterparts in other states. Cortez Masto held a campaign cash advantage on June 30, with $9.9 million to Laxalt’s $2.1 million. "



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