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Laxalt Statement on First Day of Hispanic Heritage Month

Laxalt Statement on First Day of Hispanic Heritage Month and Highlights Campaign's Momentum with Latino Voters

"I am proud to celebrate the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month with my supporters, our campaign's Latino coalition leaders, and my campaign staff. We have worked hard to bring our message of economic freedom, education freedom, and law enforcement to Nevada's Latino voters, who have been left behind and forgotten by the Democrat party. As the Wall Street Journal explained in detail yesterday, the Democrat lead with the Latino community has declined by these incredible margins because they have nothing to offer our Latino community but 15.4% inflation, a collapsing economy and supply chain, IRS audits, rising crime, an open border, and empty, leftist moral platitudes."

“Estoy orgulloso de celebrar el primer día del Mes de la Herencia Hispana con quienes me apoyan, los líderes de nuestra coalición Latina y miembros de mi equipo de campaña. Hemos trabajado duro para llevar nuestro mensaje de libertad económica, libertad educativa, y cumplimiento de la ley a los votantes Latinos en Nevada; quienes han sido olvidados e ignorados por el partido Demócrata. Como el Wall Street Journal señalaba detalladamente el día de ayer, el apoyo Latino al partido demócrata ha decaído de manera increíble, ya que ellos no pueden ofrecer más que inflación del 15.4%, una economía que colapsa con crisis en la cadena de suministro, auditorías de la IRS, aumento en el crimen, una frontera abierta, y promesas vacías como las que suele hacer la izquierda.”

- Adam Laxalt

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal carried an article that details how Democrats are losing their lead with Latino voters due primarily to their failed economic policies.

"A Wall Street Journal survey conducted in late August found that Latino voters would pick a Democratic candidate for Congress over a Republican by 11 percentage points. That’s a narrower lead than the 34-point advantage Democrats held in 2018, according to AP VoteCast."

- The Wall Street Journal

In other words, the Democrats' lead with Latino votes has declined by 23 points overall since 2018. Among working class Latinos, Democrats only lead the GOP by a narrow 6 points - this means that Democrats have almost completely lost a demographic that is essential for Democrat victories in Nevada. "If the vote shift proves durable, it could undermine Democrats’ belief that the nation’s growing racial and ethnic diversity, along with the party’s gains among white voters with college degrees, would propel it to dominance in national politics. For Republicans, big gains among Latino voters could help them accomplish a goal that many in the party came to embrace during Mr. Trump’s presidency: becoming a multiracial party of the nation’s working class."

- The Wall Street Journal

This WSJ article follows the Laxalt campaign's release of our first statewide general election ad in Spanish, 'For Us' or 'Por Nosotros.' The spot features footage from the Laxalt Campaign's 'Latinos for Laxalt' coalition event last July at Bonito Michoacan Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas, and draws attention to the issues that Latinos in Nevada are concerned with: the economy, inflation, education policy, and high crime rates.

'Por Nosotros' is the next step in the Laxalt campaign's extensive outreach to Nevada's Latino community, which now includes the Latinos for Laxalt coalition launch event in March, various business tours at Latino-owned small businesses, the recent Radio Ad, "Left Behind," the'Latinos for Laxalt' coalition event last July at Bonito Michoacan Mexican Restaurant, numerous meetings with Latino faith-based leaders, and door-to-door outreach to Spanish-speaking voters with Spanish-speaking campaign staff and volunteers.


"Biden. Pelosi. Catherine Cortez Masto."

"¿Que han hecho por nosotros?"

("What have they done for us?")

"Sus políticas progresistas destruyen nuestras escuelas y nuestra economía."

("Their progressive policies destroy our schools and economy")

"Adam Laxalt puede detenerlos."

("Adam Laxalt can stop them.")

"Como Procurador peleó por nosotros todos los dias."

("As attorney general he fought for us every day.")

"Podemos confiar que el peleará por nosotros en Washington."

("We can trust him to fight for us Washington.")

"Precios de Gasolina y comestibles más bajos. Mejorar nuestras escuelas. Proteger nuestras comunidades."

("Lower gas and grocery prices. Better schools. Protect our communities.")


  • According to the NALEO Educational Fund, Latino turnout in Nevada is projected to increase 5.8% from 2018 to 2022.

  • According to Pew Research, Democrat Senator Jacky Rosen had a 37 point lead to her Republican opponent with Latino voters in Nevada in 2018.

  • A recent poll from the AARP also shows that Democrats are losing approval among Latinos due to their failing economic policies. The AARP found that, head to head, Cortez Masto only has an 8 point lead to Laxalt at 47% to 39%.

  • According to Emerson College's recent poll, Adam Laxalt leads Cortez Masto by 42% to 41%, and Cortez Masto's lead among Hispanic voters is only 19%, an 18% drop from Rosen's 37 point lead in 2018.

  • A Blueprint Polling survey from last spring showed Laxalt and Cortez Masto tied among Hispanic voters.

  • In other recent polling from Quinnipiac, 70% of Hispanics disapprove of Joe Biden and 73% think the country is worse off than it was a year ago.

  • As reported this week by the Washington Post, national polls suggest that Latinos are moving sharply away from the Democratic Party in Nevada.

  • Voters can visit the Latinos for Laxalt website, available in English and Spanish, to learn more about the campaign.



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