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Laxalt Slams Masto For Opposing Relief At The Pump

RENO, NV - With Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto holding an event in Las Vegas today to double down on her opposition to exploring domestic energy resources and giving Americans relief from high gas prices, Nevada Republican U.S. Senate nominee Adam Laxalt released the following response: "Nevada's gas prices have doubled on Senator Cortez Masto's watch," said Laxalt. "Her votes against exploration of our domestic energy resources have directly contributed to the unaffordable prices Nevadans are suffering through today. She puts the financial support from radical environmentalists before struggling Nevada families. While she's eager to distract Nevadans from this reality, I remain committed to fighting for relief at the pump and responsible exploration for more domestic energy resources."


Cortez Masto has received millions of dollars in political support from radical environmentalists including the League of Conservation Voters, and endorsements from the Sierra Club and The National Resource Defense Council.

Masto has opposed the Keystone Pipeline, opposed drilling on federal lands, opposed drilling in ANWR, opposed expanding natural gas, and refused to prevent a ban on fracking.

  • Masto opposed using resources from federal lands.

  • Masto opposed expansion of natural gas.

Gas prices are higher in Nevada than nearly every other state.

  • $5.009 National Avg, $5.675 Nevada Avg. (AAA)

  • Nevada prices were $2.47 per gallon when Masto took office. (AAA, 2017)

Masto’s gas plan triggers a gas tax hike in Nevada.

  • “A proposal sought by… Catherine Cortez Masto… to reduce federal gas taxes won’t bring relief for Nevada residents. That’s because a state law in place since at least 1973 and modified in 1997 raises Nevada’s fuel tax by the exact amount of any reduction in federal levies.” (Las Vegas Review Journal, 2/22/22)


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