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Laxalt Releases New Television Response Ad On Cortez-Masto's Gutter Politics

RENO, NV — Today, Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt unveiled his second general election ad, titled ‘GutterPolitics.’ The commercial details how Senator Cortez Masto's defamatory ads have been fact-checked and deemed false, misleading, and full of defamatory claims that don't add up by several news outlets.

Gutter Politics’ will run on cable and broadcast across the state of Nevada.


"Catherine Cortez Masto is desperate -- spending millions attacking Adam Laxalt's family and childhood, and lying about his record."


"The Reno Gazette Journal fact-checker labeled Cortez Masto's ads false."

"The Washington Post called Cortez Masto's ads especially bad, misleading, and full of false claims that don't add up."

"Gutterpolitics can't hide Cortez Masto's record of failure."

"Nevada deserves results, not more lies."


  • One of Cortez Masto's commercials, airing first on August 2nd, accused Adam Laxalt of protecting opioid manufacturers from lawsuits during his time as Nevada's Attorney General.

    • In reality, Adam worked with a bipartisan multi-state legal initiative to sue opioid manufacturers.

  • Cortez Masto's second ad, airing first on August 13th, claimed that Adam Laxalt refused to sue pharmaceutical companies that donated to his campaign for Attorney General.

    • In reality, Adam sued Perdue Pharma in 2018 after receiving $2,750 in contributions from Perdue between 2014 and 2016. Adam has never been afraid to sue big-pharma, regardless of which party they donate to.

  • Washington Post fact-checkers awarded Cortez Masto's ads a total of seven "Pinocchios" for their defamatory claims.

  • WaPo's fact check came just two days after the Reno Gazette Journal labeled Cortez Masto's previous attack ad "False."

  • Cortez Masto herself has raised millions from pharmaceutical companies

    • According To The Center For Responsive Politics, Between 2017 And 2022, Cortez Masto received $217,695 from PACs and individuals in the Pharmaceuticals/Health Products Industry.

    • According To The Center For Responsive Politics, During Cortez Masto's time leading the DSCC, the committee received $2,342,852 from the Pharmaceuticals/Health Products Industry.

  • As Attorney General, Laxalt secured funding for additional drug incinerators around the state to get dangerous drugs like fentanyl off our streets.

  • As Attorney General, Laxalt also arranged for every law enforcement agency in the state to have naloxone as an antidote to opioids overdoses in the line of duty.


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