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Laxalt Releases New Spanish Ad: ‘Por Nosotros’

RENO, NV — Today, Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt unveiled his first statewide general election television ad in Spanish, 'For Us.' The spot features footage from the Laxalt Campaign's'Latinos for Laxalt' coalition event last July at Bonito Michoacan Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas, and draws attention to the issues that Latinos in Nevada are concerned with: the economy, inflation, education policy, and high crime rates.

'Por Nosotros' is the next step in the Laxalt campaign's extensive outreach to Nevada's Latino community, which includes the Latinos for Laxalt coalition launch event in March, various business tours at Latino-owned small businesses, the recent Radio Ad, "Left Behind," the'Latinos for Laxalt' coalition event last July at Bonito Michoacan Mexican Restaurant, numerous meetings with Latino faith-based leaders, and door-to-door outreach to Spanish-speaking voters with Spanish-speaking campaign staff and volunteers.

SCRIPT: "Biden. Pelosi. Catherine Cortez Masto."

"¿Que han hecho por nosotros?"

("What have they done for us?")

"Sus políticas progresistas destruyen nuestras escuelas y nuestra economía."

("Their progressive policies destroy our schools and economy")

"Adam Laxalt puede detenerlos."

("Adam Laxalt can stop them.")

"Como Procurador peleó por nosotros todos los dias." ("As attorney general he fought for us every day.")

"Podemos confiar que el peleará por nosotros en Washington."

("We can trust him to fight for us Washington.") "Precios de Gasolina y comestibles más bajos. Mejorar nuestras escuelas. Proteger nuestras comunidades."

("Lower gas and grocery prices. Better schools. Protect our communities.") Background:



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