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Laxalt Releases New Ad Exposing Masto’s Support for Biden Border Crisis

Border Crossings Reach Record Highs, But Masto Sides With Biden Administration Instead of Protecting Nevada Families

RENO, NV — Today, Adam Laxalt's campaign released a new ad, "Crisis," which highlights Democrats' refusal to secure our southern border. The new ad highlights Catherine Cortez Masto and Kamala Harris insisting that our border is secure, despite the fact that nearly 5 million illegal immigrants have illegally crossed the southern border since Joe Biden took office. The ad features footage from Laxalt's visit to the southern border weeks ago. Cortez Masto still has yet to visit the southern border since Biden took office in January 2021.

“The Biden administration's catastrophic failure at our southern border has created a humanitarian crisis that deeply impacts Nevada's economy and security,'' said Laxalt. "It's a problem that requires decisive action but Senator Cortez Masto won't even look at it with her own eyes."

"What I saw was tragically unforgettable," Laxalt continued. "All of this is the result of Joe Biden’s open border policies enabled by my opponent, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, who denies the border is open because she’s more interested in covering for Biden.”


Narrator: Joe Biden and Democrats have dismantled border security, causing a crisis of human trafficking, crime, and lethal opioids. Biden’s allies won’t admit they opened our borders.

Kamala Harris: “Our border is secure...”

Cortez Masto: “First of all, there’s no open borders...” Narrator: Catherine Cortez Masto does whatever Joe Biden tells her to. Adam Laxalt will stand up to Biden and Democrats to secure our border, stop human trafficking fight illegal drugs, and protect Nevada families. Adam Laxalt: I’m Adam Laxalt and I approve this message.




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