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Laxalt Makes Unprecedented Commitment in Nevada U.S. Senate Race in Latino Outreach Efforts

Latest installment of this commitment includes Spanish media ad, website launch, and voter outreach initiatives LAS VEGAS, NV – Today, Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt released his first Spanish language radio ad, which will run statewide across the state of Nevada. The spot, titled “Left Behind,” sheds light on Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s failure to address core issues facing workers and families throughout the Silver State.

The Laxalt campaign is also launching our Latinos for Laxalt website this week, available in English and Spanish, for voters wanting to learn more about the campaign.

These initiatives build off the Laxalt campaign’s Latino outreach efforts, which were punctuated by the launch of the Latinos for Laxalt coalition in March. A recent survey from Blueprint Polling showed Laxalt and Cortez Masto tied among Hispanic voters.

“I'm immensely grateful for the overwhelming support I’ve received from the Latino community throughout this campaign,” Laxalt stated. “As I’ve traveled across the state, I’ve had the chance to speak with countless Hispanic families to hear their stories and hear about their concerns and priorities. Like many families, they are concerned about rising prices, the cost of gas, our open border, and the deadly uptick in violent crime.

The leftist policies championed by Senator Cortez Masto and President Biden are hurting Latino families and undermining the safety and security of their communities,” Laxalt continued. “It is no wonder 70 percent of Hispanics disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as President. If elected, I will work hard every day to address the real concerns of the Latino community and ensure that every single American - regardless of background or ethnicity - has the opportunity to live the American dream.”

Additional Latinos for Laxalt outreach events will also be announced this week. Details will be provided soon via a media advisory.

LISTEN to the new ad here


A Catherine Cortez Masto le importa más ayudar a Joe Biden en Washington que ayudar a las familias latinas aquí en Nevada.

En lugar de luchar por nosotros, ella ha estado luchando para aprobar una agenda radical y fallida, no importa lo mal que se puedan poner las cosas.

El crimen está aumentando, porque políticos como Cortez Masto han abandonado nuestros barrios, abriendo paso a los delincuentes.

Los precios de la gasolina se han duplicado, porque Cortez Masto pone a los ambientalistas radicales por delante de nuestras familias trabajadoras.

Los precios están subiendo en todo; atención médica, vivienda, alimentos, debido a la inflación causada por los gastos imprudentes de Joe Biden y Catherine Cortez Masto.

Los bebés están pasando hambre, mientras Cortez Masto lucha a favor del aborto hasta el momento del nacimiento, con fondos sin restricciones, financiados por los contribuyentes.

Catherine Cortez Masto dejó atrás a las familias latinas de Nevada. Así que en noviembre dejaremos atrás a Catherine Cortez Masto.

Soy Adam Laxalt y apruebo este mensaje. Pagado por Laxalt para el Senado.


Catherine Cortez Masto cares more about helping Joe Biden in Washington than helping Latino families here in Nevada. Instead of fighting for us, she’s been fighting to pass a radical, failed agenda, no matter how bad things get.

Crime is rising, because politicians like Cortez Masto abandoned our neighborhoods to criminals. Gas prices have doubled, because Cortez Masto puts radical environmentalists ahead of our working families.

Prices are going up on everything; healthcare, housing, groceries, because of inflation

caused by Joe Biden and Catherine Cortez Masto’s reckless spending.

Babies are going hungry, while Cortez Masto fights for unrestricted, taxpayer-funded abortion on demand up until the moment of birth.

Catherine Cortez Masto left Nevada’s Latino families behind. So in November, we’ll leave Catherine Cortez Masto behind.

I’m Adam Laxalt and I approve this message. Paid for by Laxalt for Senate.


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