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Laxalt Campaign Releases New Spanish Ad: 'Fight For You'

LAS VEGAS, NV - Today, Adam Laxalt's campaign released a new Spanish ad highlighting the damage the failed Biden-Masto agenda has inflicted on Latino communities across the state of Nevada. Between surging inflation and record-high gas prices, rising crime rates, and the worst border crisis in our nation’s history, Latino families are struggling to get by and growing increasingly concerned about their safety.

"The failed liberal policies championed by Senator Cortez Masto and President Biden are squeezing Latino families and undermining the safety and security of their communities," said Laxalt. "As Nevada’s next U.S Senator, I will work hard every day to address the real concerns of the Latino community and ensure that every single American - regardless of background or ethnicity - has the opportunity to achieve the American dream."


Narrator: “El crimen en aumento. Los precios de alimento y gasolina siguen subiendo. La agenda progresista de Joe Biden y Catherine Cortez Masto está llevando a las empresas a la bancarrota, lo cual arriesga que las familias no tengan lo suficiente para subsistir.”

Adam Laxalt: “Lucharé contra la agenda progresista. Luché por ti como Fiscal General. Lucharé por ti en Washington. Soy Adam Laxalt y apruebo este mensaje porque mereces un estado más segura y accessible, y con mejores escuelas.”


Narrator: “Rising crime. Rising prices for groceries and gas. The progressive agenda of Joe Biden and Catherine Masto are bankrupting businesses, making it harder for families to make ends meet.”

Adam Laxalt: “I will fight their progressive agenda. I fought for you as Attorney General. I’ll fight for you in Washington. I’m Adam Laxalt and I approve this message because you deserve a safer, affordable Nevada with better schools.”



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