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Laxalt Campaign Releases New Ad on Opioid Crisis: ‘He Cared'

New Ad Highlights How Adam Laxalt Helped Victims of the Opioid Crisis and Fought Back Against Big Pharma as Nevada's Attorney General

RENO, NV - Today, Adam Laxalt's campaign released a new ad, "He Cared," that highlights Adam's record as Nevada's Attorney General fighting the opioid crisis. The new ad features the Yenick family, victims of the opioid crisis, whom Adam visited, listened to, and fought for as Nevada's attorney general.

Last year, overdoes deaths surged 30% due to increased availability of fentanyl, which is now crossing the border in record amounts.

As Nevada's Attorney General, Adam Laxalt took action to address the opioid crisis. On behalf of victims, he sued big pharmaceutical companies over issues including deceptive marketing practices regarding the risks and benefits of prescription opioids as well as manipulation of drug prices. He also launched “Nevada’s Prescription for Addiction,” an opioid initiative to combat the abuse of prescription drugs in Nevada, which received unanimous, bipartisan approval from the Nevada Legislature’s Interim Finance Committee.

"As attorney general, I stood up to pharmaceutical companies and helped lead a multi-state lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. I also made it my top priority to help Nevadans struggling with addiction by establishing the "Prescription for Addiction" program and equipping Nevada law enforcement with the tools they need to save lives from opioid overdose. In the US Senate, I'll continue to put Nevadans first and fight the root causes of the opioid epidemic," said Laxalt.


Cyndi Yenick: "After losing our son Michael to accidental prescription overdose, we met Adam Laxalt." Edward Yenick: "Having fought addiction himself, Adam understood. And he cared." Cyndi Yenick: "And he took action..." Edward Yenick: " the first Attorney General in Nevada to bring together police, doctors, and non-profits..." Cyndi Yenick: "...and take on Big Pharma." Edward Yenick: "No one did more to help us honor Michael’s memory and save lives." Cyndi Yenick: "We support Adam Laxalt for Senate. He will protect Nevada families." Adam Laxalt: "I’m Adam Laxalt and I approve this message."


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