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Laxalt Campaign Releases New Ad Calling Out Cortez Masto for Using Public Office to Benefit Herself

Cortez Masto took tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts in office

RENO, NV - Today, Adam Laxalt's campaign released a new ad highlighting Catherine Cortez Masto’s record of using her office to benefit herself.

Concert tickets, a luxury handbag, fancy plane flights – Cortez Masto took expensive gifts from donors.

Meanwhile, her tenure in the U.S. Senate has cost Nevadans dearly in the form of record inflation and rising food and gas prices caused by her voting with Joe Biden 100% of the time.

As Nevada’s Attorney General, Adam Laxalt refused gifts of any kind. Laxalt has pledged to do the same while serving in the U.S. Senate.

Click here to view the ad.



$62,043. That’s an entire year of income for many Nevada families. For some politicians, it’s just another perk of holding office. Take Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. She took tens of thousands of dollars in gifts from wealthy donors. Concert and sports tickets. Luxury handbags. Fancy plane flights. Cortez Masto spent her entire career in government. The biggest gift she got? A Senate seat. It’s been great -- for her. After all, you’re paying for it.



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