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Laxalt Blasts Cortez Masto for Campaigning with Anti-Police Activist John Legend

RENO, NV — Today, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt released the following statement regarding Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s choice to campaign with liberal, anti-police activist John Legend, an outspoken supporter of the “defund the police” movement.

“This is another example of the far-left’s rubber stamp in the Senate, Catherine Cortez Masto, telling Nevadans one thing and then doing something entirely different. Her decision to campaign with someone who has spouted so much hatred against police officers is reprehensible. John Legend has called for ‘significantly fewer police’ and said his mission is to get politicians like Cortez Masto to ‘defund the police.’ The vast majority of Nevada law enforcement support me because they know that Americans are less safe with Cortez Masto in the U.S. Senate,” said Laxalt.

In 2020, Legend signed a BLM letter urging local governments to defund the police.

Cortez Masto has praised and held events with the anti-police group Battle Born Progress, which called for defunding the police. Cortez Masto voted to confirm Biden’s nominee for associate attorney general, Vanita Gupta, who called for defunding the police. Cortez Masto has also refused to oppose Biden’s nominee for FCC Commissioner, Gigi Sohn, despite her deep animus towards law enforcement and calls for defunding the police.

Legend also tweeted, “we demand a divestment from police” and “an end to the war against Black people.”

At the same time, Cortez Masto smeared law enforcement, calling them “systemically racist.”

Together with his wife, Legend donated $200,000 to bailing rioters and protesters out of jail.

At the same time, Cortez Masto’s staff was funding and promoting the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a far-left organization that bails out violent rapists and murderers from jail.

Legend also backed Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner who unleashed violent criminals onto the streets to terrorize innocent citizens.

As Nevada Attorney General, Cortez Masto left dangerous criminals on the street by doing nothing about the backlog of rape kits that grew on her watch. When Laxalt took over as AG, he cleaned up Cortez Masto’s mess and cleared the backlog, yielding numerous arrests.



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