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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis To Join Adam Laxalt For Rise Up Rally

RENO, NV - Today, the Laxalt for Senate campaign announced that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will join Adam Laxalt on the campaign trail next week for a Rise Up rally in Las Vegas. The event will take place on the evening of Wednesday April 27. Laxalt and Governor DeSantis released the following statements: "Adam Laxalt understands as well as anybody how important it is for real conservative fighters to stand up against the corporate, legacy media and the insidious, woke cancel culture—whether it comes from corporate board rooms, university faculty lounges, Hollywood, or Big Tech authoritarians," said Governor DeSantis. "I served in the Navy with Adam, and I can tell you that he won’t back down when it comes to standing for liberty and for what’s right by our great nation. He proved it as Nevada’s Attorney General, and he’ll prove it again as your next Senator. That is why I am proud to support Adam Laxalt in his race to flip the Nevada seat this year and help us win back control of the U.S. Senate." “Governor DeSantis is standing in the breach against the far left and he’s winning,” said Laxalt. “America needs conservatives who are willing to go on offense to fight the radicals who are trying to indoctrinate our children, open our borders, and sacrifice our safety. Governor DeSantis is such a conservative, and I’m proud to have his support in this crucial fight for Nevada’s future.” Stay tuned for more details in the coming days and visit for updates.


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