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Cortez-Masto and Kamala Harris Insist That Our Southern Border Is Secure...

Cortez-Masto and Kamala Harris Insist That Our Southern Border Is Secure as Illegal Immigrant Crossings and Drug Trafficking Surge

Due to President Biden and Senator Cortez Masto’s refusal to secure our border, Nevadans are suffering the consequences of mass illegal migration into the United States.

Our open southern border has turned American cities into trafficking hot-spots for drugs like fentanyl.

Last week, Nevada police apprehended 56 pounds of fentanyl in a routine traffic stop that could have been en route to any vulnerable community in the state. President Biden and Nevada Democrats refuse to charge felons and drug dealers who are actively endangering the lives of Nevadans.

Meanwhile, Cortez Masto has said “there’s no open borders” and Kamala Harris claims “we have a secure border.”

These are flat-out lies. Here are the facts:

  • 4.2 MILLION illegal immigrants have been encountered at the border since Biden took office.

  • Of that 4.2 MILLION, over 800,000 “gotaways” have escaped into the U.S. since Biden took office.

  • Biden’s DEA says fentanyl is being smuggled into the U.S. and is “killing Americans…at catastrophic and record rates like we have never seen before.”

  • More migrants are dying than ever before.

  • Terrorists, rapists, predators, gang members, murderers, and cartels are exploiting the chaos.

Experts say “the [processing] system has literally collapsed on itself.”

If Biden, Harris, and Cortez Masto actually spoke to border-town mayors, they would know the border is not secure. If they visited the border, they would know it is not secure. If they cared at all, they would know the border is not secure.

Senator Cortez-Masto voted against the border wall, and against 18,000 Border Patrol agents, but voted for 87,000 IRS enforcers and to keep dangerous criminals out of jail.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Cortez Masto are lying about the border. And while they lie, people are dying because of their failures.

- Laxalt War Room


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