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Biden/Cortez Masto Agenda Causes Another Gas Price Spike

Gas is on the Rise Again in Nevada

Biden and Cortez Masto Did That!

At some gas stations in Reno, gas prices have soared to $7 per gallon. Joe Biden and Democrats like Catherine Cortez Masto may be celebrating their latest massive spending bill and crowing about falling gas prices, but here in Nevada we’re still paying more than $5 per gallon at the pump.

Gas prices in Las Vegas are up 24 cents over the past week. As of Oct 5, the average price of gas in Nevada was $5.536 per gallon, $1.70 above the national average.

Nevada had the unfortunate distinction of having the second highest gas prices in the nation this summer, and the energy policies supported by Catherine Cortez Masto are to blame:

  • In 2021, Cortez Masto voted three times against legislation to prohibit a ban on fracking.

  • In 2021, Cortez Masto voted four times against advancing the Keystone XL Pipeline, killing roughly 11,000 good-paying jobs in the process.

  • In 2021, Cortez Masto supported legislation to index the federal gas tax to inflation.

  • In 2021, Cortez Masto voted to limit oil and gas leasing in the U.S., fulfilling a promise to limit U.S. production she laid out in a 2020 op-ed.

  • But in 2022 with Nevada gas prices the second highest in the nation, Cortez Masto teamed up with fellow vulnerable Senate Democrats to support a gas tax holiday gimmick, even though it would not save Nevadans a penny.

Joe Biden's and Cortez Masto's anti-energy independence policies have made dramatic, overnight increases in gas prices par for the course in Nevada. Last week, gas prices jumped $0.20 overnight at a gas station by the Laxalt campaign's Las Vegas office.



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