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Adam Laxalt Still Agrees to 2 Statewide Debates, Cortez Masto Refuses to Accept 2 Neutral Debates...

Adam Laxalt Still Agrees to Two Statewide Debates, Cortez Masto Refuses to Accept Two Neutral Debate Invitations from NBC and Nevada Newsmakers

RENO, NV - Adam Laxalt still accepts debate invitations from two neutral statewide media outlets.

“Months ago, I accepted televised, statewide debate offers with two respected, neutral Nevada media outlets: the Reno and Las Vegas NBC stations, and Nevada Newsmakers. I hope that Catherine Cortez Masto will stop hiding and agree to at least one of them. Voters deserve to hear Cortez Masto’s defense of the disastrous Biden agenda that she has become a rubber stamp for in the US Senate,” said Laxalt.

Opportunities to debate remain open with Nevada's NBC stations and Nevada Newsmakers, and both networks are willing to schedule dates and times that work with both candidates' schedules. However, Cortez Masto has refused to acknowledge these debate invitations from two of Nevada's largest networks.



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