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Adam Laxalt Statement On The United States Supreme Court

RENO, NV - Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt released the following statement in response to news of a leaked draft of a decision out of the United States Supreme Court:

"If the leaked draft reflects the Supreme Court’s ultimate decision, it would constitute an historic victory for the sanctity of life and the principles of democratic self-determination. The Supreme Court has never had the expertise nor the authority to unilaterally legislate on abortion. After more than 50 years, that responsibility is poised to finally return to its rightful owners: the American people and their elected representatives.

“The sinister act of leaking a highly confidential Supreme Court draft decision is the culmination of Left’s multi-year effort to intimidate and undermine the highest Court in the land and our American institutions. The individual(s) responsible for this unprecedented and unforgivable attack on America’s judiciary must be punished to the fullest possible extent.

“The people of Nevada have already voted to make abortion rights legal in our state, and so no matter the Court’s ultimate decision on Roe, it is currently settled law in our state.”


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