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Adam Laxalt Statement On Nevada's Mask Mandate Announcement

RENO, NV - Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt released the following statement in response to Nevada Democrats' announcement on our state's mask mandate: "After years of forcing unnecessary lockdowns and mandates on Nevadans, Democrats have now changed their definition of science because they think it will help them win re-election," said Laxalt. "Let's be clear, there’s absolutely no science behind this decision other than political science, and this useless mandate should've never been in place to begin with. Democrats kept Nevada masked longer than almost every other state and all the while our U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto refused to say a word of criticism for her party's draconian actions. Nowhere was this more damaging than with our kids who have been forced to mask up every day just to go to class. It's time for someone to stand up and provide a voice for parents and kids. We deserve a reliable advocate for Nevada, not a useless rubber stamp for the left-wing elites."



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