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Adam Laxalt Statement On Catherine Cortez Masto's Support For Ketanji Brown Jackson's Nomination

RENO, NV - In response to Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto's decision to support the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt released the following statement:

"In supporting the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson - a leftist jurist with a history of leniency toward the worst offenders in our society - Catherine Cortez Masto has abdicated her responsibility to Nevadans, putting her party's goals before the people's interests," said Laxalt. "Jackson repeatedly granted lower sentences to child pornographers, attempted rapists, and sex offenders, at times even against the urging of prosecutors. This is the kind of person who Joe Biden and Cortez Masto want to see on our nation's highest court. It's an affront to the rule of law and Nevadans will not stand for this."


Politico reports: "Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) said the soft-on-crime narrative “has been discredited."

Jackson was called out during her testimony yesterday for her previous record of consoling the family of a sex offender convicted for possessing a large quantity of child pornography. At the time Jackson stated that she feels "sorry for the anguish this has caused" them. Jackson also said that she believes sex offenders are "truly shunned" in our society.

The offender in question received a sentence of just three months in prison from Jackson when a reportedly liberal prosecutor called for at least two years.

Jackson also reportedly gave a sentence of just 57 months to an offender convicted of crossing state lines for an attempted rape when guidelines recommended 97-121 months.

Of the cases tried by Jackson involving child pornography, she consistently gave lower sentences than what prosecutors asked for, giving reductions as high as 88 percent in some circumstances.



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