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Adam Laxalt Leads in Sixth Consecutive Poll

New Predictive Insights Poll Shows Laxalt Lead - Confirms Predictions of Emerson, Big Data Poll, Trafalgar, Data for Progress, and Insider Advantage

RENO, NV - Yesterday, Predictive Insights released a new poll showing Adam Laxalt ahead of incumbent Cortez Masto. Last month, Trafalgar, Data For Progress, Big Data Poll, Insider Advantage, and Emerson all showed Laxalt in the lead in Nevada's U.S. Senate race. Trafalgar, which is rated an "A-" polling firm by FiftyThirtyEight, shows Adam Laxalt ahead of Cortez Masto by four points.

Cortez Masto's campaign, with the help of outside left-wing funded groups, has been propped up with a media budget of over $83 million, and yet, according to every published poll for the past month, her popularity continues to decline.

Based on these latest polling trends, Real Clear Politics now has Laxalt's polling average up by 2.2 points against Cortez Masto and they project that this toss up race will be a "GOP pick up." This is a 0.5 point increase since last month.

FiveThirtyEight also has Laxalt leading Cortez Masto by 0.9 points. Previously they had Cortez Masto leading by 0.7 points."These polls capture what we are seeing on the ground here in Nevada. Between surging inflation, rising violent crime, the effects of an open border, and record-high gas prices, Nevadans are fed up with the failed Biden/Cortez Masto agenda and are ready for change. Cortez Masto and her friends in DC can spend all the money they want attacking me and trying to rehabilitate her image, but none of it will stop the momentum of our grassroots campaign," said Laxalt. "Cortez Masto's desperate attack ads, which continue to be fact-checked as false and misleading, only show Nevada's voters how desperate she is to hold on to power. We look forward to Cortez Masto's campaign conceding defeat in November."



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