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Adam Laxalt Calls On Sisolak To Send Nevada National Guard To The U.S. Southern Border

RENO, NV - With reports that our southern border is now "wide open" under Joe Biden, Nevada Republican candidate for U.S. Senate released the following statement calling on Steve Sisolak to send Nevada national guard to assist our Border Patrol and restore our country's security. "Joe Biden has left our southern border wide open, allowing illegal drugs and criminals to flow through unchecked," said Laxalt. "President Trump took our people's safety seriously by building the wall and instituting a remain in Mexico policy, but Biden's reckless decision to reverse course puts American lives at risk. This will directly impact Nevada as we tackle our issues with human trafficking and illegal drugs, both of which are particularly concerning in our state. I'm calling on Steve Sisolak to immediately send our state's national guard to the southern border to support our border patrol. While Biden has undermined and even maligned border patrol agents who have kept us safe, we must support them as they work to accomplish their mission."



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