Opinion: 22 Laxalt family members respond, say Adam Laxalt will protect Nevada’s values

The 22 of us are all family members of Adam Laxalt, representing three generations from both the Paul Laxalt and the Jackalyn Ross Laxalt sides of Adam’s family tree. Our families go back many, many generations here in Nevada, and we’re enormously proud of our Silver State heritage.

Adam, who currently serves as Nevada’s attorney general and is a candidate to be our next governor, was recently the target of a vicious and entirely baseless attack authored by a small group of other relatives of his. This attack was absolutely shameful — and entirely distorts the truth about the man Adam is.

Not only do the authors get basic facts wrong about Adam’s history in Nevada, they also completely misrepresent his service to our state and our country. We could not be more proud of his service as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, his commitment to keeping our country safe while serving in Iraq, his service as a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, and his continued dedication to service as attorney general.

The truth is that Adam moved back to Nevada in 2011 after his military service had concluded, and in 2014, having never run for public office before, he decided to enter the attorney general’s race. He ran against an entrenched political titan who had the backing of the state’s entire political establishment — an already-elected statewide politician who nobody thought could be beaten. Adam took on that challenge — and withstood an ugly smear campaign in the process — because he believed it was important that Nevadans had an attorney general who represented their values. It was his commitment to principle that drove him to try to do the impossible, and we could not have been prouder of him for it.

Not only did Adam prevail in that race against all odds, he has also continued to deliver victory after victory for the people of our great state while in office. He has stood up for victims of sexual assault, taking on Nevada’s horrendous backlog of more than 8,000 untested sexual assault evidence kits. He has protected Nevada’s seniors by creating a financial fraud unit to combat abuse of the elderly. He has led in the effort to combat the opioid crisis that affects so many people across our state and our country. And he has stood up for his fellow veterans, creating the Office of Military Legal Assistance, which provides members of Nevada’s military community with free legal representation at no cost to taxpayers. He has amassed an incredible record of bipartisan accomplishment that has made Nevadans safer today as a result.

That’s why those of us who know him best are proud to support him today in his race for governor. And it’s why we’re not alone. So many of his fellow Nevadans who know him and know his record are lining up to support him as well. He’s been endorsed by 55 of 75 county commissioners — colleagues of Adam’s opponent who nevertheless believe that only Adam has the right vision for Nevada’s future. He’s been endorsed by a bipartisan coalition of a majority of mayors across the state, as well as 15 of Nevada’s 17 sheriffs. Among those supporting him are former Reno mayor Bob Cashell and former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman — another example of support across party lines, from two statesmen with more than 30 years of public service between them, representing opposite ends of our state.

The inescapable fact is that those who know Adam — and know his record — respect him, admire him and support him.

It’s sad that politics has come to this, the ugliness we saw in this recent attack. But that’s why it’s so important for us to speak out and not let it stand. The fact is that this was a purely political hit piece by partisan Democrats, many of whom aren’t even registered to vote in Nevada.

Unlike those who chose to assail Adam, we know him. And we will absolutely be voting for Adam this November. We know that Adam Laxalt has the character, integrity and courage to lead Nevada to a brighter future.

We’re proud to call him brother, son, nephew, grand-nephew, cousin and friend. And we’ll be even prouder to call him governor.

Michelle Dominique Laxalt, Suzanne Marie Laxalt, Therese Michelle Laxalt, Jackalyn Marlette Laxalt, John Paul Laxalt, Kevin Ross Laxalt, David Ross Laxalt, Ryan Burns, Melissa Burns, Mitch Burns, Corinne Burns, Mike Ferrari, Robert Ferrari, Audrey Ferrari, John Tom Ross, Thomas Ross, Cynthia Ross, James Strosnider, Tami Norcross-Bernard, Larry Bernard, Makenna Bernard and Jack Bernard.