Gubernatorial Candidate Waffles on Rural Water Issue

In a show of determined indecisiveness, Steve Sisolak, a member of the Southern Nevada Water Authority board and candidate for governor of Nevada, voted Wednesday to move forward with an appeal of the Nevada State Water Engineer’s recent denial of SNWA’s applications to pump rural Nevada water to Las Vegas.

This political about-face came a mere two days after he was quoted in an article printed in the Nevada Independent coming out against the rural Nevada water grab. I find I need a spreadsheet to keep track of Sisolak’s positions because in 2017, he voted as a member of the same board to approve the district’s 50-year plan, which included the pipeline as a keystone in its strategy to deliver more water to the Las Vegas Valley. Confused? So am I.

Taking water from rural Nevada to support the unsustainable growth model in Las Vegas would have devastating ecologic, economic, and social impacts on Lincoln and White Pine counties. For Mr. Sisolak to play both sides of this critical issue in the name of advancing his campaign tells us everything we need to know about him personally, but nothing about his true position.

Joni Eastley

Tonopah, Nevada

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