Democrats For Laxalt

I’m a Democrat. I was elected to serve on the Clark County Commission as a Democrat, and so was Steve Sisolak. I will never vote for Steve Sisolak. I think he is a crook.
Adam and I don’t agree on every little political issue, but I trust him. I know he’s a good man. I know he cares about the people of Nevada, and he’ll always put them first. And I know, without a doubt, his opponent Steve Sisolak only cares about himself.
I worked with Steve. I saw him in action. His top priorities were always himself, his wallet, and his donors. If you want to keep Nevada from going completely crooked, vote against Steve Sisolak.
I know there are a lot of Democrats out there like myself—people who care about the little guy and want to see our government get things done. You might feel like you have to vote for the guy with the “D” by his name. I’m proud to be a Democrat, and I’m telling you right now: this election is about more than politics. It’s about character. Steve Sisolak does not have the character to be governor.
A vote for Steve Sisolak isn’t a vote to stand up to Donald Trump or any of the other nonsense he’s using to trick people. It’s a vote to stroke his ego and fill his pockets with more cash, plain and simple.
Adam is a common-sense guy. He wants to fix our schools, keep our economy rolling, and keep people safe. Steve Sisolak only looks out for himself, and I promise if you vote for him he will make you regret it.
I’m a Democrat, I worked with Sisolak, and I voted for Adam Laxalt. If you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or anything else: we need you to vote, and we need you to vote for Adam Laxalt. This election is too important. Steve Sisolak cannot be trusted.
For Nevada, 
Tom Collins
Former Democratic Clark County Commissioner

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