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Across Nevada, hardworking families are feeling the daily impact of the disastrous Biden-Masto agenda.


Nevada has some of the highest gas prices in America and the cost for groceries is skyrocketing.


We are struggling to find baby formula, good jobs with living wages, and affordable housing.


The American Dream in Nevada is under attack in every way. Instead of working to fix the real issues facing our state, Cortez Masto has turned a blind eye to us and sided with Joe Biden.


As our next U.S. Senator from Nevada, Adam Laxalt will work to:

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1. Bring gas prices down by growing America’s energy production, supporting innovation, creating millions of new jobs, and not allowing China and Russia to control our energy supply.

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2. Fight Inflation and Lower Costs by eliminating wasteful government spending and lowering taxes so that American families keep more of their hard-earned income to feed, clothe, and house their families.

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3. Protect our communities by ensuring our law enforcement and border patrol agencies have the resources to keep us safe in our streets. Adam will work against the Biden-Masto open border policies to protect the integrity of our border and keep dangerous cartels, criminals, and drugs out of our communities.

Join our team today to be a part of a campaign that will fight for economic prosperity, security, and the American Dream for all Nevadans!

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